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Energy at Last!

After years of struggling with significant and debilitating lack of energy and trying what felt like everything under the sun with little success, I am back not only to my old self, but to my younger self as well! This after only a little more than a month receiving acupuncture treatments and recently starting Golden Shield Qigong. Matt applies his

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My quality of life has increased

I starting seeing Matt Van Dyke about three months ago because of a pain issue. I didn’t know much about acupuncture, but had heard that it’s helpful with pain. I chose him from my insurance company’s coverage list.

Acupuncture did help that pain, but I very quickly realized that it was also improving a chronic stomach problem, for which traditional

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I Feel So Much Better

Hi Matt,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write you, but just wanted to thank you for your great work. What 5 doctors, over 6 prescriptions, a CT and at least 4 months of working with them couldn’t do, you fixed me up wonderfully in 3 wks. Amazingly my dizziness, even my vertigo, is gone. I’m so impressed. I

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Excellent Professional

Matt is great! He really listens and spends extra time on your issues. I tried many different medications trying to get relief but his treatment provides much longer lasting benefits.