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What the Students Say

WHappy Qi Gong Studenthen I started Qi Gong classes I was very depleted in body and spirit. I wanted to feel lively, and ambitious. The acupuncture treatment I had received from Matt had been a great help, so when he suggested I try the Qi Gong, I did. I am so glad I did because I have had results beyond my best hopes. I am not suffering debilitating back pain now. My energy level is the highest it has been in all my 60+ years. On top of that, I now have a confidence and an ability to follow my interests that I had never experienced. I am so grateful for this healing system!

F.G. Guemes Island, Wa


Qi Gong is a great stress-reliever for me.  My stomach used to get tied up in knots when I was stressed. That’s gone away. Now, I feel more relaxed and focused when I face stressful situations.

S.G. Bellingham, Wa


Since taking Golden Shield Qi Gong, I have more physical endurance, resilience and more focus. My posture is aligned without effort. I have also noticed my Reiki energy is stronger and comes out with healing energy quickly and with ease.”

-J.C. La Conner, WA

I’ve experienced remarkable growth in my physical strength with Jingui. I am amazed at the rapid development I have seen in the local students as they progress through the levels of training and most highly recommend this Qi Gong.”

-Stefanie Schlegel, N.D. Vancouver B.C.

“I frequently tell people that qi gong “saved my life.” I don’t feel that is an exaggeration. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually, I am so much healthier now than I was 10 years ago when I started qi gong. I feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years or more and I attribute that to qi gong.”
– S.B., Austin, TX

“As an Emergency Room nurse in a Midwest Regional Medical Center, I am exposed to high stress situations every day. Practicing Jingui Golden Shield has not only helped me become stronger physically, but, has taught me “energy management” so that my own energy can be preserved in difficult situations. I love the practice.”
– Dan Lee, R.N. Fairfield, IA

“Mind blowing and life altering.”
– Kent, Garland, TX

“Golden Brushes (Hands Training) has made a world of difference in my recovery from long standing tenosynouitus (RSI). Flare ups are fewer and farther between and recovery times are shorter. In my opinion, this system of Qi Gong has done for me what many other things I have tried have not: made full recovery possible. Thank you Jingui!”
– Kirsty Barclay, Salt Spring Island, B.C.