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Great service and helpful practitioner

I have been seeing Matt for a couple of months now , since my episode with COVID-19. I have been working on a strange side-effect that had to do with the movement of my right foot. Every visit has been uplifting with progress that I’m sure wouldn’t have been as obvious as it is when I get home after a treatment with Matt. I never knew that acupuncture could yield such dramatic results. Matt is very personable in his approach and has brought me a long way toward full recovery and I thank him for that. I’m sure many people could benefit from his treatments, This art may be ancient in origin but it definitely has it’s place in the healing field. A big thank you goes out to Matt. I hope no one has to endure the misfortunes of medicine but if you’re ever in a position to require a bit more of attention to help you get through the day or life in general, you might want to give Matt a chance to help you through therapy.

-W.M. Acme, WA