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Herbal Medicine

Ginger As Food and Medicine
Ginger As Food and Medicine

Herbal medicines work differently from many drug therapies. Herbs prescribed by a practitioner of East Asian Medicine can be thought of as strong foods. These strong foods will support the body in restoring the dynamic balance we call health. A well thought-out herbal prescription from an experienced herbalist will not only address a patient’s primary health complaints, but will also have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Rather than just treating a disease, East Asian herbal medicine supports the whole person.

There are many patterns or reasons why disease develops. East Asian Medicine cures underlying patterns which cause symptoms. The purpose of food and herb recommendations is to treat the patterns leading to imbalance or dis-ease.


Herbal Therapy is extremely safe and effective, and may be combined with acupuncture to potentiate its benefits.


Matt Van Dyke L.Ac. EAMP is extensively trained and certified as a practitioner of Herbal Medicine. I am dedicated to using only the finest quality herbs, including organic and/or wildcrafted herbs whenever possible.  Herbs may come in different forms including custom tinctures, teapills, and decoctions.  I am proud to offer a full bulk herbal pharmacy in which a specifically tailored formula may be pres

cribed for the Patient’s unique individual needs.  Herbal Consultations are available, Schedule Now…