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My quality of life has increased

I starting seeing Matt Van Dyke about three months ago because of a pain issue. I didn’t know much about acupuncture, but had heard that it’s helpful with pain. I chose him from my insurance company’s coverage list.

Acupuncture did help that pain, but I very quickly realized that it was also improving a chronic stomach problem, for which traditional physicians had found little remedy except for prescription drugs, which have unhealthy side effects and weren’t addressing my problem anyway.

I’ve been seeing Matt weekly since then, and this common but complex problem is bothering me very little at this point. My quality of life has increased a lot.

I have confidence in Matt. He has an air of knowing exactly what he’s doing. The office environment and the treatment are pleasant and relaxing. I will continue to see him as long as my aging body benefits from acupuncture!

Karen R., Bellingham