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Remarkable Improvement!

Never having had acupuncture before, I was skeptical as my medical issues are complex. Matt Van Dyke is most personable and gentle and spent a great deal of time explaining the procedures and then I had my first treatment. I felt an unusual tranquility and sense of well-being That I had not had in a long time. The following day, I was able to go out for a 4 mile jog. I am returning for further treatments as I believe his method of acupuncture will help me along to reach my goal of being well again. His office is also very beautiful and serene which adds to the comfort of being there. Matt was unusually attentive, far more than many doctors I have seen in the past who just hustle through the visit without accomplishing much. I am grateful I discovered the Bellwether Medical Acupuncture office and recommend it to others who need help outside of standard medical care.

A.H. – Blaine, WA