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Free Introductory Class! Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong – Aug. 24, 7pm


There will be a Free Introductory Class for Golden Shield Qi Gong:


Monday, August 24th – 7pm

Community Food Co-op *New* Connections Building (Downtown) – 405 E. Holly St at Forest St, Bellingham (Across Holly St. from the Downtown Food Coop)


*Increase Bone Mass

*Learn Energy Management Techniques

*Develop “Profound” Health

*Increase Libido

*Remove Stagnations Within the Meridian System

*Detoxify Chemical and Emotional Imbalances

*Push the Boundaries of Human Potential


Jingui Qi Gong is perfect for those wishing to take their fitness/health practice to a higher level.

Emei Mountain - Birthplace of Golden Shield Qi Gong
Emei Mountain – Birthplace of Golden Shield Qi Gong

The tradition of Jin Gui Golden Shield Qi Gong originated five hundred years ago in the temples of Emei Mountain in Western China. It is a rare “Temple Style” of Qi Gong which develops exceptionally strong physical bodies and youthful energy extremely quickly.


Dr. Don Zhang, DAOM, PhD has found that these rare Qi Gong forms are valuable for everybody and emphasizes the health aspects of these forms. Dr. Zhang introduced this system of Qi Gong to the West in the early 1990′s, having developed the knowledge for health and longevity rather than as a martial art.


Matt Van Dyke, EAMP

More contact info:


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